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The Clearing Speaks: Project Council Ring

May 4 - December 19, 2014

The Clearing Speaks is a combination of two unique exhibitions celebrating both visual and written work inspired by The Clearing’s beautiful landscape, charming buildings and creative spirit. Initiated in 2010 to help celebrate The Clearing’s 75th anniversary, The Clearing Speaks gained instant popularity and quickly became an annual fund raising event.

This years’ exhibition theme is The Clearing’s council rings. Council rings are a Jens Jensen motif, intended as a spiritually powerful symbol of fellowship, unity, and equality. The Clearing property contains three circular stone council rings. The Small Council Ring was built in 1925 by Jensen's son-in-law, Marshall Johnson, and a friend of his. The Dance Ring was built in 1938 with stones from the Schoolhouse quarry and was designed for folk dancing, which was part of Jensen’s Danish heritage. The Buchholz Council Ring was built by students in 2000 in honor of long-time resident managers, Don and Louise Buchholz.

Instructors, students and friends are invited to share their artistic interpretations and perspectives of these wonderful historic landscape elements through unique and inspirational works of art and writing.