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How Can you help?

The Clearing “runs on volunteers.” They serve in many capacities, including teaching classes in our Winter Program, staffing the Bookstore, leading hikes and rolling up their sleeves for whatever jobs need to be done. The Clearing would not be what it is—could not be what it is—without its volunteers. They do much to make The Clearing such a wonderful place.

If you would like to be a Clearing volunteer, please read through the various "job descriptions" below then complete our volunteer interest form or download our volunteer brochure.

Bookstore & Gift Shop:

"Help out in our shop"

Volunteers help in the Bookstore and Gift Shop with sales, ordering, tagging, stocking shelves, decorating and taking end-of-year inventory. Although opportunities are available throughout the year, volunteers are needed most from May through October. During this time, individuals help on weekdays, and two-person teams, often couples, work on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.



The Clearing is able to offer a wide range of quality programs and services thanks to volunteers. Each year, hundreds of volunteers perform a variety of tasks on The Clearing's behalf. There are opportunities for everyone who would like to volunteer at The Clearing!


"Show off your stuff"

Some people volunteer at The Clearing by demonstrating an art or craft and interacting with visitors. These demonstrations are typically scheduled for Saturday or Sunday afternoons from May through October in the Jens Jensen Center, but they occasionally take place at other times and at other locations at The Clearing.

Office Support:

"Give us a hand"

For those who enjoy working in an office, opportunities to volunteer in The Clearing's office include answering phones, helping with mailings, data entry, word processing and making copies.

Winter Instructors:

"Teach a class"

The Clearing's Winter Program is a great opportunity for people to volunteer their time and share their expertise through teaching. The Winter Program began in 1976, and has grown to over 100 classes in the arts, fine crafts, humanities and natural sciences, taught by dozens of volunteer instructors. The Winter Program runs for eight weeks during January and February. Most classes are four or eight weeks long, meeting once a week on a weekday morning or afternoon. One-session classes are also offered.

Work Days:

"Help Outside"

Twice each year, once in spring and once in fall, volunteers spend three days preparing The Clearing for the upcoming season (Spring Work Week) or for winter (Fall Work Week). Depending on the season, Work Week volunteers perform a variety of tasks, including raking leaves, making firewood, washing windows, putting on screens or storm windows, spreading mulch, painting and doing light carpentry work.

Emma's Chairs:

"Work with Wood"

Beginning in 2005, The Clearing has built and sold specially designed and constructed Adirondack chairs, called Emma's Chairs, in honor of long-time land conservationist and friend of The Clearing, Emma Toft. Volunteers are needed year-round to cut out, route and sand chair pieces, and to assemble chairs.


"Share The Clearing with Others"

During summer and fall, Clearing docents lead weekend walking tours of The Clearing. These tours focus on Clearing history and the native landscape. Special in-depth training is provided.

Other Opportunities

Other volunteer opportunities include serving on one of The Clearing's program committees, helping at a special event, helping with the Winter Program student display or arranging to have information about The Clearing displayed at a library or other public venue.

Can You Help?

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