Each year, we create a unique and fun collection of one-, two- & three-day classes that we call our Workshop Program. The Workshop Program is geared to those who are looking for classes that are shorter in length than The Clearing’s week-long classes. (And yes! There are still openings in week-long classes. Take a look!) It’s a great way for people new to The Clearing to “try us out” and to get a taste of what this wonderful place has to offer. This year, why not explore the world of metal forging, try a little woodturning or tackle that elusive writing project. Not enough you say? Well, we’ve also got classes in glass mosaics, mushrooms, acrylics, birding and geology. More? You got it! How about a class in iPhone-ography, watercolor or wood carving? Get the picture? With 36 exciting classes to choose from, there is sure to be something for you. Your Workshop Program catalog will be in your mailbox soon, but if you don’t see yours by the first of May, give us a call. Can’t wait to flip through your catalog? We totally understand! Visit our website for a complete listing of Workshop Classes and registration information. We’d love to see you at The Clearing this year! Take a look at the