Class #34

The Wonderful World Of Stained Glass

Gary Chaudoir

June 30 - July 6

instructor imageHere’s your chance to discover the exciting and intriguing world of stained glass! You’ll design and create a stained glass piece, using the copper foil method. Gary will teach you how to do all of the steps: drawing the design, cutting the pattern, cutting the glass, grozing, grinding, foiling, soldering, applying the patina and cleaning and polishing the finished piece. A discussion of basic color theory and design will precede glass selection, including information on hue, intensity, value, color harmony and color balance. For ease of glass cutting, you will design your project with Gary’s help. If pattern drawing is too intimidating, Gary will have a selection of pattern books on hand that contain patterns appropriate for all skill levels.

Working in glass can be exciting and rewarding. Despite its solid appearance, glass is technically what is referred to as a "jammed" state of matter. During the cooling phase, glass tries to crystallize into a regular pattern called a lattice, but instead, its atoms become jammed in a nearly random arrangement of icosahedron-like structures. This creates a state of matter that moves very slowly and comes alive in light. The transformation of sand, lime, soda and metal oxides into glass is a chemical mystery of sorts. The manipulation of colored glass has intrigued people for centuries. Gary hopes that you will experience a similar excitement as you embark on your personal discovery of stained glass.

Gary Chaudoir is a Door County native. He owned and operated The Eight of Pentacles Stained Glass Studio in Sister Bay, Wisconsin for 28 years. In 2007, Gary opened Chaudoir Glass Studio, where he teaches stained glass and fused glass, offers original stained glass and fused glass art, and does custom glass designs, repairs and restorations. He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Gary has been teaching stained glass since 1980, fused glass since 1996 and, more recently, has added glass mosaic and kiln casting glass classes. Gary is the president of The Clearing’s Board of Directors.

Gary will contact students prior to class.

Level: All Levels
Materials Fee: $20 to $60, depending on materials used, payable to Gary during class

Pricing (per person):
$1045 Dorm Room Package*
$1145 Two-Person Room Package*
$1705 Single-Person Room Package* (limited availability)
$615 Commuter Package** (limited availability)

*package includes tuition, lodging & 16 meals
**package includes tuition & 7 meals