Class #38

Painting The Sky With Watercolors

Gary Hanks

August 29 - September 4, 2021

instructor imageThe sky need not be an afterthought, added late to finish a painting. On the contrary, an interesting cloud formation or a mystical glow cast by the sun or moon can become a central theme in a scene. What’s going on in the sky should suggest a mood and tonality which unifies the whole picture. Activity in the sky can complement a scene or become a subject in itself. And watercolor is the perfect medium for capturing the wonder and enigma of the heavens.

Gary urges students to observe the sky often, thinking of it as a great, ever-changing, non-objective painting. Get to know it intimately, then join this class at The Clearing to explore the many ways you can use watercolor to capture the essence of the great blue.

In a class atmosphere that is casual and relaxed, you will work comfortably at your own pace and ability level. Gary has experience working with students of all ages and at all skill levels. He will demonstrate technique and method, followed by much individual assistance.

You may bring photos that are of interest to you or choose to be inspired by the many photo examples Gary will bring to share with the class. If you would like to speak with Gary regarding the class, you can contact him through The Clearing.

Gary Hanks has been painting all of his adult life, and watercolor has always been his medium of choice. Gary has advanced university degrees in studio art, art education and art history. Believing that the artist must know his subject well, Gary has travelled to distant and remote locations to make on-site observations, including mountain hiking adventures in England, Scotland, France, Germany and the United States. Believing that to move forward, the artist must know what has been done in the past, he has studied art history, medieval architecture and the history of painting on-location in England and many European countries. Gary’s paintings are always a composite of things he has observed and things he has imagined. Focusing great attention on the play of light on his subjects, he strives to achieve a mystical effect in his paintings. To achieve his unusual effects, Gary has worked hard experimenting in order to develop his unique painting techniques, which critics usually agree set his work apart from the ordinary. Gary lives in Appleton, Wisconsin.

A supply list will be sent prior to class and is available online.
Gary will contact students prior to class.

Level: Intermediate
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