Class #58

Women’s Writing Retreat

Judy Bridges

September 26 - October 2, 2021

instructor imageGot a story to tell? Whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, short or long, you need quiet time to get it written.

Writers have their heads full of stories and good ideas. The problem is not thinking of things to write about, it's finding time to get it done. You need quiet. And privacy. And oh, some encouragement and support wouldn't hurt, either.

The Women's Writing Retreat gives you what you need—a week full of hours you can call your own. Most mornings are quiet writing time. You find your perfect space and write your heart out—without interruption. In the early afternoons you are free to take a nap, walk, read or continue writing. In late afternoons and evenings, the group gathers for some of the best feedback sessions you'll ever attend. Private coaching sessions take place throughout the week and are optional.

Whether you want to work on your book, finish a short story, craft a nonfiction article or complete your memoirs, you are bound to make progress during this wonderful week. Bring your copy of Shut Up & Write! If you don’t have one, you can purchase it at The Clearing Bookstore.

Judy Bridges is the author of the award-winning writers' guide Shut Up & Write! and the founder of Redbird Studio writing center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Prior to founding the studio, she earned her living writing articles, short stories, plays and corporate communications. She holds bachelor's and master's degrees in creative writing and adult education. Her next book will be a collection of life and family stories titled You Drive, You're Too Drunk To Sing.

Judy will contact students prior to class.
Note: Fragrances are asthma triggers for Judy. Please bring fragrance-free products to use during this week.

Level: Intermediate

Pricing (per person):
$1120 Dorm Room Package*
$1220 Two-Person Room Package*
$1835 Single-Person Room Package* (limited availability)
$625 Commuter Package** (limited availability)

*package includes tuition, lodging & 16 meals
**package includes tuition & 5 meals