Class #82

Beginning & Intermediate Stained Glass

Jill Wicke

October 6 - October 12

instructor imageThis class is designed for beginners and for those who have done some stained glass work and want to learn another method, or simply refresh and expand their skills.

The first project you値l do will include learning the lead came method of stained glass. Rather than designing patterns, Jill will have a selection of patterns on hand from which you can pick your projects. There is room for creative expression in choosing the colors and textures of glass. The second project you値l do is either a garden stepping stone or trivets, using the stepping stone method.

The lead came method is the traditional method most people think of for stained glass. The approximately 16-inch by 10-inch panel that you値l make is built with channeled pieces of lead running between each piece of glass. The second part of the class will be learning how to make a garden stepping stone, where stained glass pieces are cut according to a pattern and then laid in a mold. Concrete is then poured over them. Trivets are made the same way葉hey池e just smaller. If time allows, Jill will have mosaic coaster designs available for extra projects.

You will also learn about glass, including how glass sheets are made and guidelines for choosing types and colors of glass for your projects. The supply fee covers all the materials you will need for your projects and the use of all the tools you値l need.

Jill Wicke痴 enthusiasm for stained glass came about because of a love for Frank Lloyd Wright designs. She took some classes and fell in love with the medium in 1980. Very quickly, a hobby turned into selling pieces through craft fairs and commissioned work. Jill has worked with a local architect on abstract designs for several churches, and has designed patterns to match clients rooms, from altar cloths to a scene from a picture of a favorite place in Hawaii. Her custom work includes panels, kaleidoscopes, boxes, lampshades, cabinet doors, windows and doors. Jill began teaching stained glass in 1987. She lives in O'Fallon, Illinois.

Jill will contact students prior to class.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Materials Fee: $75 for all supplies, materials and tool use

Pricing (per person):
$1045 Dorm Room Package*
$1145 Two-Person Room Package*
$1705 Single-Person Room Package* (limited availability)
$615 Commuter Package** (limited availability)

*package includes tuition, lodging & 16 meals
**package includes tuition & 7 meals