2021 Summer Program
& COVID-19 Response

Updated September, 2021

Dear Friends,

Much care still needs to be taken with regard to COVID-19. Here are some important announcements relating to how The Clearing is currently operating:

• Supper will not be served on Sunday evening. The first meal will be breakfast on Monday. All breakfasts and dinners (noon meals) will be delivered to rooms. All suppers will be box meals placed in the refrigerator in the Root Cellar.

• Friday breakfast will be the last meal served.

• Thursday supper will be served at The Clearing. (This is a change from the past, when Clearing guests went out for supper on Thursday.)

• Class on Thursday will be a full day, not be a half day, as in the past.

• Checkout will be after breakfast on Friday.

• Registered students will receive a refund for one less night of lodging and three fewer meals.

• All guests lodging at The Clearing have the option to stay on Friday and leave on Saturday morning, but there will be no meal service after breakfast on Friday. There will be a fee of $50 for this extra night.

• Anyone who wishes to cancel their registration in view of these changes will receive a full refund of any amount paid to-date.

• There will not be a host in the Lodge on Saturdays for those who have registered for early check-in. Instead, envelopes that contain the room assignment and room key, the class lists and other information will be taped to the Lodge door.

• The Clearing requires everyone who comes for a week-long class to provide proof of full vaccination.

• Anyone experiencing any of the symptoms related to COVID-19 infection must stay home. All class cancellations this year will include a full refund of any payment made for a class.

• We are not assigning roommates for those who wish to register for a dorm or for a double room. Those wishing to be in a dorm or double room must arrange their own roommate(s)—someone with whom they are comfortable rooming—or plan to register for a single room.

• Everyone must wear a face covering and social distance at all times in all classrooms.

• There will be hand sanitizer at the entrance to all classroom buildings, the Root Cellar, the Lodge and the Jensen Center.

• All furnaces at The Clearing have had ionization type air purifiers installed that are proven to be effective in deactivating the COVID-19 virus, along with other viruses, bacteria and molds.

• We have set a maximum number for people allowed in classrooms—students and instructors combined. For most classrooms, in order to allow for recommended social distancing, this number is lower than the number of people we were able to accommodate in classrooms in the past.

• Breakfast and dinner (noon meal) will be delivered to guest rooms. Supper will be boxed and placed in the refrigerator in the Root Cellar. Family-style meals in the dining room will only resume when we are confident that it is safe to do so.

• Commuters may eat their meals, socially distanced in the Lodge, when weather conditions do not allow them to eat outside.

• The Lodge will be locked except for during the noon meal from Monday through Thursday, and for any other meals commuters may need to eat their meal in there.

• For safety reasons, and to simplify cleaning, certain items have been removed from the lodging room. These include pillows, quilts, Afghans, the extra blanket, clothes hangers, ice bucket, personal care products (shampoo, body wash and hand wash), air freshener and the basket that covers the tissue box.

• There are single-serve coffee makers and electric kettles for tea water in the lodging rooms. The refrigerator in the Root Cellar may be used by guests to store beverages.

• Any information regarding changes to the class experience made necessary by COVID-19 will be posted on The Clearing’s website,, will be sent in future emails, will be included in class confirmation letters and will be included in the letters sent to students two weeks prior to their arrival at The Clearing.