2022 Summer Program


Class #107

Primitive Rug Hooking

Kathy Morton

October 16 - October 22, 2022

instructor imagePrimitive rug hooking is the art and craft of pulling wool fabric strips about one quarter inch wide through a backing with a hook-shaped tool. The backing needs to be placed in a hoop or frame to create tension on the surface. The wool is pulled through to the top surface to form loops that achieve designs or pictorial scenes. The craft originated in the eastern United States and the Maritime Provinces of Canada.

Today, rug hooking has jumped from the home arts to include museum shows, using all types of materials besides wool.

For this class, you can draw your own design or purchase one online. Kathy will contact you before class regarding all the supplies you need. As-is wool and dyed wool will be available in class for sale, or you can bring your own. You may work on small projects or large projects, depending on previous experience.

Most rug hookers already have their own equipment and supplies. If you are a beginner, Kathy will discuss equipment and supplies with you when she contacts you before class.

Kathy Morton has been rug hooking since the mid-1980s. The first workshop she attended was in Limerick, Maine. When she returned to her job as a high school art teacher, she started teaching others in the Minneapolis area. She also began a business selling pattens that she designed. Her business was called Morton House Primitives and then later changed to Oak Ridge Cottage Rugs. Her hooked pieces have been featured in rug hooking magazines and books. She has taught workshops in Minnesota, North Carolina, Vermont, Missouri, Kansas, Texas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Iowa, Colorado and Wisconsin. Kathy currently lives in Rochester, Minnesota.

Kathy will contact students prior to class.
Kathy will have wool and patterns for sale at class, if needed.

Level: All levels
Web: www.oakridgecottagerugs.com

Pricing (per person):
$1180 Dorm Room Package*
$1280 Two-Person Room Package*
$1920 Single-Person Room Package* (limited availability)
$675 Commuter Package** (limited availability)

*package includes tuition, lodging & 16 meals
**package includes tuition & 7 meals


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