2022 Summer Program
& COVID-19 Response

Updated May, 2022

With regard to COVID-19, much care still needs to be taken for classes to take place. We appreciate your respecting The Clearing's requests/requirements listed below for the health and safety of instructors, fellow students, and staff by noting the following for all 2022 Summer Program classes. Thank you!

Any information regarding changes to the class experience made necessary by COVID-19 will be posted here.

  • The Clearing will require everyone who comes for a Summer Program class to be vaccinated per the CDC’s guidelines on booster eligibility and provide proof of vaccination. Full vaccination includes any boosters for which you are eligible and is required for all workshop participants. The Clearing staff are subject to the same requirements.

  • If you are experiencing any of the symptoms related to COVID-19 infection, please stay home. All class cancellations this year will include a full refund of any tuition payment minus $25 administrative fee made for a class.

  • Workspaces will be socially distanced, and classes will have limited, and in some cases, reduced headcount maximums than in previous years.

  • The Clearing is currently not requiring students and instructors to wear a mask when indoors. Masking is optional.

  • There are hand sanitizing stations at the entrance to each classroom building, the Root Cellar, the Lodge and the Jensen Center.

  • Windows may be open during class, if weather cooperates, for fresh air flow, so please bring a sweater or wrap, if you feel it is appropriate for your comfort. There is forced air furnace heat and air conditioning, if needed, as well, with an iWave air purifier system.

  • The meal schedule and class schedule have been updated. See below:

1. The dining room is closed, except for at noon each day for commuters to eat their dinner and on Thursday evening for commuters to eat their supper. (Sunday supper has been removed from the commuter meal package and will be refunded.) All guests will pick up their breakfasts and dinners (noon meals) at the kitchen—breakfast at 7:30 and dinner at noon. The bell will ring at each of those times to announce that the meals are ready for pickup. We request that guests eat their meals in their room or outside, not in their classroom.

2. Suppers will be “box meals,” and will be placed in the refrigerator in the Root Cellar by 2:00 each afternoon. The boxes will have a room number or name on it.

3. Coffee will be available in pump pots just outside the kitchen door by 6:30 each morning, starting on Monday morning. Bring a travel mug if you like, although paper cups will be available.

4. It’s difficult for the kitchen staff to provide beverages with meals being picked up at the kitchen. They’ll do their best to accommodate guests, but it will be helpful if guests bring their own beverages. There’s a small refrigerator in the Root Cellar for guests to use, or they may choose to bring a cooler.

5. We are shortening the week by one day. Friday breakfast is the last meal that will be served. Those guests leaving on Friday should plan to check out by 9:00. Guests have the option to stay Friday night for an additional $50, but no meals will be served after Friday breakfast.
6. Thursday will be a full day of class. There will be a box supper on Thursday, including for commuters.

7. There will be no Sunday evening slide show in the Schoolhouse. Instead, students will meet with their instructor after supper for a class meeting. Unless informed otherwise by their instructor, students should plan for the meeting to be at 7:00 in their classroom.

8. There will be no Thursday evening student show-and-tell during which all of the classes gather in the Schoolhouse. Instead, individual classes may choose to have their own show-and-tell in their classroom.

9. There will be no reception in the Lodge for refreshments after the student show-and-tell.

Because of there being one less night of lodging, fewer meals and less class time, students will be refunded accordingly. If anyone chooses to cancel their class because of any of these changes, they will receive a full refund of any amount paid to-date, minus a $25 cancellation fee.