Winter Program


Climate Change & Our Health & Well-Being
David LaLuzerne

Thursday, February 24 from 1-4

Ed Maibach, a professor at George Mason University who studies climate change and public health, recently said that “We are certainly under-reacting to climate change, because it is a potentially catastrophic health threat that is likely to greatly harm human health and wellbeing for many generations to come.” Climate change has long been seen as an approaching risk, one that will only affect people sometime in the future. A little less than half of Americans believe that climate change is harming U.S. residents “right now”. Despite recent devastating wildfires in California and Australia and rapid ice melt at the poles, the framing of climate change as a long-term problem relegates it to back-of-mind for many. David’s intention is to present some of the ways that climate change is affecting our health already and will affect our health into the future.

Tuition: $20

Location: Jens Jensen Visitor Center at The Clearing

Materials Fee: $1.00 for handouts payable to The Clearing at registration