2022 Winter Program
& COVID-19 Response

We appreciate your respecting The Clearing's (and off-campus locations’) requests/requirements listed below for the health and safety of your instructor, fellow students, and staff by noting the following for all 2022 Winter Program classes. Thank you!

• The Clearing will require proof of vaccination prior to class for everyone who registers for a 2022 Winter Program class. Submission of documents can be submitted through The Clearing’s new online registration system, emailed to, provided in-person at The Clearing Jensen Center or mailed via USPS.

• If you are experiencing any of the symptoms related to COVID-19 infection, please stay home. All 2022 Winter Program class cancellations will include a refund of any payment made for a class minus a $10 processing fee. Materials fees will be refunded when possible; it will be determined in conjunction with the instructor.

• The Clearing will require mask wearing in all indoor spaces, including classrooms. Off-campus locations have the same requirements. Outdoor classes do not require masks when outdoors, and social distancing is encouraged.

• Classes will have limited, and in some cases, reduced headcount maximums than in previous years and social distancing is highly encouraged.

• A hand sanitizer station will be at all on-campus classroom entrances and hand washing can be done in restrooms.

• There is forced air furnace heat with an iWave air purifier system in each Clearing classroom building.

• You are welcome to bring personal beverages for your class.

These items are subject to change, however, we anticipate this being the norm for the 2022 Winter Program season of classes.

Enjoy your class!