2022 Workshop Program


Class #16

The Boro Aesthetic (Japanese Mending Technique)

Kippian Inglis

August 25 & 26 | 9 - 4

As mending has taken on new life recently and grown in popularity as part of the slow fiber movement toward sustainability, Boro, a Japanese mending technique, has resurfaced. Instructor Kipp Inglis saw a traveling exhibit making the rounds of quilt shows around the country (presented by Yoshiko Wada) when Kipp had spent many years doing restoration work on old quilts. The Japanese work garments exhibited had been patched and mended many times over, often with only the stitching used in the patching holding the garment together. The layers and layers, seen and unseen spoke of the time, patience and necessity that held them together. You will learn to work in this freer style of patchwork using the simple stab stitch to sew as if you were keeping a well-used and necessary garment together and discover the simplicity and artistic beauty in what was considered only utilitarian in nature. We will be working primarily with Japanese or Japanese inspired fabrics, including indigo dyed pieces from Kipp’s stash. Please bring thread scissors, a thimble and reading glasses, if needed, for this handwork and any fabrics from your stash if you’d like.

Kipp Inlis is a lifelong stitcher. She learned to sew at a very early age to be able to cloth her dolls. A needle and thread have been in her fingers ever since. Sewing has always been solace and a means to express some spirituality. Kipp studied costume and clothing design in college, learned to weave shortly after, and have found a way to include fiber related art as a constant in her life. While she concentrates a lot of her current work on the use of botanical dyes on fibers, she still utilizes stitching, both classical and experimental in much of her work and especially in the stitched shibori and indigo dyed pieces that are so popular. Kipp exhibits at primarily local fine craft shows with occasional gallery exhibitions teaches in and around Wisconsin.

Tuition: $195 (lunch included each day)
Materials Fee: $25 payable to The Clearing at registration for threads, needles, base fabric and packet of special scrap fabrics
Location: Jens Jensen Visitor Center


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