2022 Workshop Program


Class #2

Beginning Hand Sewing: 5 Stitches Everyone Should Know

Hannah Schladweiler

June 14 | 9 - 4

This is a great class whether you have done any hand sewing or not. Hand sewing is an age-old art that still holds a valuable place today mending, hemming, or fastening fabrics together. There's nothing more satisfying than finishing a sewing project by hand. Hannah will teach you basic stitches such as the running stitch, spaced backstitch, whip stitch, buttonhole stitch, and more! Practice these skills and Hannah’s interest in historical textiles and techniques will help you make a functional, adorable, historically inspired, "housewife" style sewing kit.

Hannah Schladweiler is a farm wife and mother of two. She has been sewing since a very tender age with a focus on historical textiles and techniques. She studied history and education at UW - Oshkosh and has spent most of her time since engaged in museum work, living history, and gaining new skills.

Tuition: $110 (lunch included)
Materials Fee: $10 payable to The Clearing at registration for needles, fabric, wax, thread, etc.
Location: Jens Jensen Visitor Center


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