2022 Workshop Program


Class #22

Kumiko for Beginners & Beyond

Philip Ankney

September 19 & 20 | 9 - 4

Kumiko is an ancient form of Japanese woodworking that produces intricate lattices without the use of nails or glue. Rather, the wood is carefully chiseled to exact, interlocking angles, and then precisely fit together. Used as doors, walls, dividers, boxes, decoration, wall art, lights, or whatever your imagination can think up! Working with woodworker Philip Ankney, you will create a 12”x12” Kumiko piece based on one of several simple traditional patterns you select. You will gain the knowledge to make many Kumiko patterns by making this simple patterned piece. Learn about different Kumiko patterns, how they work, and making your grids for your own Kumiko. Then time will be spent working with pre-cut wood strips and angled jigs, as you learn how to chisel pieces to fit together into the pattern. Those who wish to can also use hand-dyeing techniques to give their piece additional personality or back it with fabric. This is an excellent course for people who are looking for a meditative craft that features attentive, technical precision.

Philip is a self-taught carpenter, custom woodworker, and artist who has been making things since childhood. Growing up on a farm in the Appalachian foothills of Pennsylvania, making things work with what you had was the norm — the first projects he can remember were holding the light for his dad while fixing any number of things around the farm. He has since found his place doing high-end woodworking, residential remodeling, and creating art. In the last six years, he has focused on high-end woodworking and furniture making.

Tuition: $195 (lunch included each day)
Materials Fee: $60 payable to The Clearing at registration for wood, Kumiko strips, Japanese pull saw, ¾” chisel
Location: Jens Jensen Visitor Center
Web: www.philipsilver.me


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