2022 Workshop Program


Class #35

Introduction to Alcohol Ink Painting

Linda Welch & Yvonne Tyson

August 2 | 9 - 4

Designed for the curious beginner, come paint with the freedom of alcohol ink with emerging artist Linda Welch and alcohol ink painter Yvonne Tyson, both members of the Alcohol Ink Art Society. Alcohol inks are brightly colored, acid-free, dye-based paints that create free flowing textures and design, are fast drying evaporating quickly, requiring a non-porous surface such as synthetic paper, ceramic tile, or a specially prepared canvas. Play with a variety of techniques on different surfaces while Linda and Yvonne will give personal attention to each student. Your artwork will receive a series of protective spray coatings and UV archival protection to ensure longevity. No experience needed to have fun in this class. A supply list will be sent and is available at www.theclearing.org.

Linda Welch is an emerging artist in every sense of the word. Launching into this new career is making a life-long dream a reality. She is passionate about her art. Her education, degrees and former career centered around being a healthcare provider. She saw an alcohol ink painting, fell in love with the intensity of the colors and decided it was something she needed to do. She is a lifetime member of the national Alcohol Ink Art Society. Linda has been represented in several private collections and art galleries in Door County and the Annual Miller Art Museum Juried Art Show.

Yvonne Tyson is also a member of the national Alcohol Ink Art Society. Her paintings are privately held. She is an alcohol ink painter who excels in instruction and support of the students learning this medium.

Tuition: $110 (lunch included)
Materials Fee: $35.00 payable to The Clearing at registration for alcohol inks, tiles, paper, alcohol ink markers, gloves, brushes and other supplies
Supply List: Click for Supply List PDF
Location: Jens Jensen Visitor Center


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