2022 Workshop Program


Class #6

Abstracting Nature in a Photograph

Hank Erdmann

July 14 & 15 | 9 - 4

Join professional natural history photographer and educator, Hank Erdmann, to learn the art of abstracting the natural world in a photograph using numerous techniques: subject and camera motion, multiple images, time exposure, using soft focus elements and using special props and materials. We will spend time reviewing these techniques in the classroom and then we will focus on making abstract images outside on the Clearing grounds, even if it’s a slightly wet day. Prior to the end of class, we will return to the classroom for an image processing example and wrap-up. A pre-class letter and supply list will be sent and are available at www.theclearing.org.

Hank Erdmann is an artist, a professional natural history photographer and photographic educator. He has photographed throughout North America, making the Midwest his primary geographic area of interest. A love of history, especially the maritime history of the Great Lakes, kindles a special interest in the ports, shorelines, islands and natural areas of Lakes Michigan and Superior and their surrounding environs. Midwestern prairies and hardwood forests are other primary areas of interest. Hank’s photographs are an expression of excitement and joy at seeing a fleeting moment when nature takes light and through color, form, line and texture and creates an image that leaves a lasting impression in his mind. He is constantly expanding on the “art of fixing a shadow” with almost forty years of photographic exploration. Teaching at several art schools and photography clubs, he also has hundreds of publishing credits and numerous exhibitions.

Tuition: $195 (lunch included each day)
Supply List: Click for Supply List PDF
Location: Jens Jensen Visitor Center
Web: www.hankphoto.photoshelter.com


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