2022 Workshop Program


Class #9

Introduction to Sumi Ink Painting

Seth Taylor

July 25 & 26 | 9 - 4

Take your first steps into the 5,000-year-old tradition of ink painting with Door County artist Seth Taylor. All levels of skill are welcome on this step-by-step journey. This workshop is carefully designed to give each student all the fundamental skills of ink painting. Through a progression of example paintings, students will learn to control and guide not only their brush, ink, and paper but also their breath, mind and body. By the end of the course, every student will have learned line weight and calm from stones, textured brush techniques and stance from trees, and proportion and vitality from painting a variety of animals. Students should be prepared for a meditative, but intense two days of painting. Clothes that allow a full range of movement and do not mind ink spatters are strongly encouraged.

Seth Taylor is a lifelong artist, traveler, and educator. Over more than thirty years, he has lived and studied throughout Asia. He has pursued his love of art and culture in Malaysia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, India, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. Each place has lent something to his own journey as both an artist and an educator. Seth brings a unique synthesis of traditions and techniques to every class. He believes students learn most from guided, hands-on explorations. Seth Taylor is known for his vibrant gestural ink paintings as well as for his meticulous work in ball point pen. His work has been shown in galleries in the US and abroad.

Tuition: $195 (lunch included each day)
Materials Fee: $45.00 payable to The Clearing at registration for a high-quality brush, felt pad, ink and a packet of rice paper
Location: Jens Jensen Visitor Center


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