Class #10

Climate Change: Alternatives to Help Make a Difference

Roger Kuhns

August 30 & 31 | 9 - 4

Welcome to the Anthropocene - the geologic era where humans have significantly impacted Earth. In this era of climate change, how might our living habits stay the same or change? We’ll explore what types of very doable lifestyle changes we can make that reduce greenhouse gases, how to select an electric vehicle, reduce the use of plastics, guide us toward more sustainable transportation and energy, conserve water, and grow our own healthy organic food. Before class everyone will have the opportunity to calculate their “Sustainability Score” - an original methodology that helps us look at the big picture and make informed decisions as we move ahead in life.

Roger Kuhns holds a Ph.D. in geology and has over 30 years’ experience as a geologist, general manager, sustainable practices specialist and team leader for national and international natural resources and environmental projects in 60 countries and sustainable business development. His background includes all aspects of geologic terrains, mineral deposits, surface and groundwater systems, river systems, environmental assessment, carbon and environmental footprinting, geochemistry, structural geology and geophysics and their applications to property assessment. He has helped develop sustainable practices, metrics, training and educational information for sustainability and strategic planning.

Tuition: $185 (lunch included each day)
Location: Jens Jensen Visitor Center

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