Class #11

Wild Mushrooms of Door County

Charlotte Lukes

September 3 | 9 - 4

Get introduced to the world of fungi, and learn the skills needed to identify wild mushrooms! We will briefly go over fungal biology and ecology, and then focus on how to differentiate the major groups of mushroom-forming fungi. We will then head out on The Clearing property to observe fungi in their natural habitat, learn how to properly collect fungi for identification, and how to identify those fungi using field guides. It is hoped that you will gain a greater understanding of mushroom diversity and the skills needed to identify mushrooms on your own. Please wear sturdy walking shoes, and bring a notebook, pen, a small, camera and your favorite mushroom field guide plus rain gear for inclement weather.

Charlotte Lukes photographed her first mushroom in 1971 and has explored most of Door County in search of new species ever since. Charlotte has been collecting, studying, and photographing wild mushrooms for more than 40 years. She has identified nearly 600 species in the county, which Charlotte has described and illustrated on the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Cofrin Center for Biodiversity website:

Tuition: $103 (lunch included)
Location: Jens Jensen Visitor Center

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Total Cost: $103.00

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