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Class #21

Forging Your Own Integral Knife & Sheath

David DelaGardelle

September 4, 5 & 6 | 9 - 5

This class will teach you how to forge your very own tough and fully-functional integral knife out of a single piece of tool-steel, as well as create a unique custom leather sheath. We will be learning and using the fundamental, basic skills of bladesmithing as well as giving you the freedom to add your own distinct artistic style to your knife. You should come ready to work hard with plenty of stamina and focus, since we will be working at a fast pace! Please wear grubby (non-synthetic) work-clothes and bring your own pair of work gloves, eye and (optional) ear protection. No open-toed shoes, please.

David DelaGardelle has been studying the art of European swordsmithing for 15 years and has been working as a full-time bladesmith and artist since 2009. He focuses his work on crafting "mythopoetic" Northern-European styled swords, knives, axes and other edged weapons, and he is inspired by sources of both historical and fantasy context. He has crafted swords for films such as Marvel Comic's Thor, and has sold swords, knives and other fine art around the world. He is passionate about sharing the craft of bladesmithing with others and hopes to help his students find their unique voice through the medium of fine blade-crafting.

Tuition: $290 (lunch included each day)
Materials Fee: $20-100 payable in class based on design chosen and includes tool-steel, leather, rivets, etc.
Shop Fee: $15 payable to The Clearing at registration
Location: Forge Building at The Clearing, 12103 Garrett Bay Rd, Ellison Bay

To take this class

Total Cost: $305.00

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