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Class #24

Your Story - Writing About Happenings in Your Life

Roger Kuhns

September 23 & 24 | 9 - 4

Delve into story telling methods - story set up, plot formulation, and character development. But here the characters are real - they are from an event, adventure or lesson in your life that you want to write down to share with family or maybe give a public performance or reading. We will explore dramatic and comedic approaches to writing, methods of achieving story flow and excitement, as well as finding the cliffhanger in your story. It's fun; it's a start. Roger will review participantís initial writings. Together we will focus on working with the experiences to develop the stories. Please bring something to write with (computer, tablet, paper/pen) and items that may help explore your story.

Roger Kuhns holds a Ph.D. in geology and has over 30 yearsí experience traveling to more than 60 countries for mining corporations. His travels have exposed him to many ďcharactersĒ and experiences, inspiring him to write about and perform the characters he has run across. His tales and original song lyrics first became the basis of his performance art and now have meshed into a memoir, Didnít See That Coming. Rogerís unique ability to capture settings, characters and situations, make them come to life.

Tuition: $185 (lunch included each day)
Materials Fee: $20-40 for Rogerís books that may be purchased in The Clearing Bookstore or on Rogerís website, which will be used as example stories in class.
Location: Jens Jensen Visitor Center

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Total Cost: $185.00

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