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Class #34

iPhone-ography: The Best Camera is the One That is with You

Jerry Hug

June 11 | 9-4

It is one thing to use your iPhone or iPad for occasional snapshots, and another to learn the best methods from an expert. Jerry will show you tips for getting professional results. Learn the secrets for making great images by capturing images on your iPhone using the hidden tricks that you have right in your pocket camera without going to a desktop computer. Use the latest, simple editing tools for superior results. Before coming to the class, please download to your iPhones/iPads the latest versions of the following three required applications: Snapseed, Touch/Retouch and Vivid HDR. We will be taking photographs and have hands on practice with these apps. Class notes will be provided. Jerry will help you with the latest updates of iPhones and Apple iOS questions.

Jerry Hug is an award-winning photographer and a retired fine arts educator from the Maine Township, IL High Schools. Jerry lectures and teaches at photographic conferences and workshops throughout the country. He is considered one of the go-to iPhone photography experts and is published in national journals. You can view some of Jerry’s images on his website.

Tuition: $103 (lunch included)
Location: Jens Jensen Visitor Center

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Total Cost: $103.00

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