Workshop Description

Class #4

Forge Your Axe!

Jeremiah Backhaus

June 24, 25 & 26 | 9 - 5

This axe is perhaps the most iconic tool in history. Still widely used today in the "modern" world, the axe is still very much a tool for everyday use. In this intermediate class, students with a bit of forging experience will be working with each other and Jeremiah to make an axe of their own. The axe will be of medium size or smaller and perfect for anything from hiking, making kindling and even carving. We will be forge welding, slitting, drifting and shaping both high carbon and mild steel. Seasoned beginners and up will find this class challenging and fun. Commercial handles will be provided. Forging hammers will be available for purchase.

Jeremiah Backhaus is a Blacksmith who became infatuated with metal at the age of 11, when he built his first forge and began a lifelong pursuit. Years later, the metal still holds sway over him. Jeremiah has had the opportunity to work with some of the best smiths in the country and proved he has learned by recently becoming a champion on the History Channel's competitive show, Forged in Fire.

Tuition: $290 (lunch included each day)
Materials Fee: $25-50 payable to Jeremiah at class for steel, axe handle and optional forging hammer.
Shop Fee: $15 payable to The Clearing at registration
Location: Forge Building at The Clearing, 12103 Garrett Bay Rd, Ellison Bay

To take this class

Total Cost: $305.00

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