Workshop Program Confirmation

updated 6.21.22

Welcome to The Clearing!

Thank you for joining us this year! We're looking forward to seeing you this season.

Please read through the confirmation materials below. If you have any questions regarding your class confirmation or about any details related to your upcoming class with us, please give us a call at 920-854-4088 or email us at


Kathy Swanson
Registration Secretary

What's Next?...

This confirmation is just the first of several communications you will be receiving from us for your upcoming class. Below you will find a timetable of when you will be hearing from us regarding your 2022 Workshop Program class. However, if you have any questions about your class at The Clearing, please give us a call at 920-854-4088 or send a note to

Immediately Upon Registration...

Once you register for your class, you will receive a Reservation Acknowledgement email which includes all your class details, ie, class title, dates, instructor etc. You will also receive a Transaction Receipt which includes payment details for your class.

3 Weeks Prior to Your Class...

The Clearing will require everyone who comes for a Workshop Program class to be vaccinated per the CDC’s guidelines on booster eligibility and provide proof of vaccination. If you have not submitted your proof of vaccination, you will receive an email approximately three weeks prior to your arrival at The Clearing.

You can upload your proof of vaccination anytime by logging into your Clearing User Account.

Any Clearing COVID-19 response related changes will be posted on the Workshop Program's Covid-19 Response page. We recommend that you take a moment now to review that page on our website, and to keep an eye on it as we approach your class.

Workshop Program Reference Documents

Log Into Your Clearing User Account

Class registration & management at The Clearing will look a little different this year. Users will be prompted to create their own Clearing user account. Don’t worry! This is a good thing! With your user account, you will be able to register for your favorite Clearing classes! But that’s not all. Can’t remember when your class is or if you still need to pay your balance? Log into your account anytime and review your registration information or make a payment. Want to make a donation toward the endowement fund or the end of year appeal? Need to renew or want to join the Friends of The Clearing? Or need to submit a form? Yup. You can do all this from your Clearing user account! Once your account is set up, you will be able to review all the details of your Clearing registration(s) and transactions at any time, in your cozy chair, with your cup of coffee, in your jammies.

How to Log Into Your Clearing User Account

2022 Workshop Program Covid-19 Response

Our priority is the safety and well-being of you, your classmates and our staff. Check out The Clearing's current Covid-19 response for Workshop Program classes.

Our Current Workshop Covid-19 Response

Proof of Vaccination

The Clearing will require all guests to provide proof of Covid-19 vaccinations, including any boosters for which you are eligible. Submit an image of your vaccination card by clicking the button.

Click to Submit Your Proof of Vaccination

Clearing Maps

Orient yourself by checking out The Clearing property map and campus map.

Clearing Maps