Door County Half Marathon & 5K


2017 Team Members (L-R): Glenna, Wendy, Ron, Bruce, Jason, Erik, Anka, Mary Ann, Sara, Melinda, Randy, Yvonne, Curt, Carolyn, Tammy, Cindy, Mike. (NP: Stefan)

photo courtesy Len Villano

Fundraising Goal: $10,000
RAISED: $3466.50!
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Operation Oatmeal (the group formally known as Team Forge) will be running, walking and crawling in the Door County Half Marathon & 5K at Peninsula State Park on Saturday, May 5 to raise money for The Clearing’s new Scholarship Fund.

Last year, you helped CRUSH our fund-raising goal of $10,000 by donating over $14,000 for the Forge! This year, Operation Oatmeal is also committed to raising $10,000! These funds will be added to the existing pool of endowed scholarship funds providing a permanent source of scholarship support in all three Clearing programs: Summer, Workshop and Winter. Yup, it’s a lofty goal, but with your help Operation Oatmeal will make The Clearing’s educational programs available to a broad population of students.

In the past five years, YOU have helped the team raise an incredible $44,000! We hope you will help us meet our fundraising goal by making a donation or pledge online or by giving us a call today!

Operation Oatmeal will plow through whatever old man winter decides to throw at Door County, but your donations and pledges help us run and walk a little faster and feel a little warmer.

Thanks again for your continued support of life-long learning and creativity at The Clearing!

Operation Oatmeal Team Members:
Anka (5k),
Bruce (5k),
Cindy (5k),
Curt (5k),
Erik (half),
Glenna (5k),
Melinda (5k),
Mike (5k),
Randy (5k),
Ron (half),
Stefan (5k),
Tammy (5k),
Yvonne (5k),

Did You Know? We don’t need big donations to meet our goal, but every donation matters! Think about pledging $2 or $3 dollars per mile. (A half marathon is 13.1 miles.) Last year, 70% of Team Forge donations and pledges were only $2 or $3 per mile. Did we already mention that every donation matters?! Donate or Pledge Today!

Did You Also Know? A $10,000 addition to The Clearing’s General Scholarship fund by Operation Oatmeal will generate approximately one (plus a little more) permanent Summer Program scholarship?

And Remember…The Clearing is a not-for-profit corporation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to The Clearing are tax-deductible.

p.s. Interested in joining Operation Oatmeal? We’d love to have you running, walking or cheering by our side on May 5th! Get on board by giving Erik a call at The Clearing.

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Thank You!

The following individuals are super cool for supporting Operation Oatmeal’s quest to raise $10,000 for The Clearing’s scholarship fund!

Jean Black

Paul Borawski

Beth Coleman

Kathy Conrad

Susan Fiore

Cindy Kaletka

Carolyn & Bob Kimbell

Mary Langill

Emma Macari

Joanne Miller

Tammy Musiel

Paul Nordmeyer

Patricia Paska

Darlene Raniewicz

Melinda Schaufer

Mark Southard

Tim & Sue Stone

Jenni Stultz

Yvonne Tyson

Randy Tyson

Audrey Waitkus

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