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A Message From Mike

March 17, 2020

Dear Friends,

You already know that the COVID-19 virus has turned the world upside down. You also know the various steps that are being recommended by health care professionals to protect yourself and others from infection. I am writing to let you know that The Clearing’s staff and Board of Directors are monitoring developments closely with respect to the recommendations of agencies like the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, and that we are taking the situation seriously.

Given the situation, we have decided to close the Jens Jensen Visitor Center to the public until May 1st. This is the building that houses the office and Bookstore. We will continue to answer the phone and respond to emails. And visitors are still welcome to hike on the property.

I also want you to know that, as of today, we have not cancelled any of the weeks during which week-long classes are scheduled. If this changes, and we do decide to cancel one or more weeks, we will notify all of the guests registered for a cancelled week a minimum of three weeks before the start of that week. In addition, we will notify all of the students and instructors registered for weeks later in the season that we have cancelled one or more of our earlier weeks.

I very much hope that we will not have to cancel any class weeks. More than ever, people need the respite that places like The Clearing provide.

I will be in touch, as needed, as things develop. I wish you good health!


Michael J. Schneider
Executive Director
The Clearing

Coronavirus (Covid 19) & Our Response

Who We Are

The Clearing is a folk school founded in 1935 by landscape architect Jens Jensen (1860-1951). This “school of the soil” is nestled within 128 acres of Door County forests and meadows and overlooks the dramatic Green Bay shoreline. It was built as a place where ordinary people could, as the name implies, “clear one’s mind” by reconnecting with nature and with one another.

Our Mission

The Mission of The Clearing is to provide diverse educational experiences in the folk school tradition, in a setting of quiet forests, meadows and water. The Clearing is a place where adults who share an interest in nature, arts or humanities can learn, reflect and wonder.

This is in keeping with the goals of Jens Jensen, founder of The Clearing, who loved it as a special place where one could feel kinship with the earth and reassess one’s life.

Happy Campers
Classes Offered in 2020
Bowls of Oatmeal Served Weekly
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You Can’t Be Around for 85 Years and Not Have a Good Story. Here’s Ours.

Folk School Tradition


Jens Jensen



The Clearing offers year-long educational opportunities in three programs: the Summer Program, the Workshop Program and the Winter Program. All programs offer a wide range of classes, including painting, writing, quilting, birding, wood carving, poetry, rustic furniture making, photography, poetry, fine wood-working, music, weaving, philosophy, stained glass, metal work, nature study and paper arts. All Clearing classes are taught in a relaxed, informal style.

Summer Program


The Summer Program, which runs from May through October, is The Clearing’s oldest and the one that most closely resembles Jensen’s original folk school vision. The mainstay of the Summer Program is week-long classes, with 25 to 35 students and instructors living at The Clearing, eating family-style meals and renewing their spirit through close contact with the native landscape.

More About the Summer Program…

Workshop Program


The Workshop Program includes one, two, and three-day workshops from June through mid- November. These workshops appeal to a broad audience by providing shorter length classes during the Summer Program season for those who cannot come for an entire week or who want a “taste” of what The Clearing is like before deciding to take a week-long class.

More About the Workshop Program…

Winter Program


The Winter Program offers over 90 day-classes in January and February. In addition to offering an impressive selection of classes, the Winter Program represents something unique and wonderful about Door County, an amazing group of volunteer instructors who generously share their time, along with their considerable talent, for the benefit of the community. So bring on the snow and the cold. Now over 650 strong, you won’t meet a more friendly or hardier group of people than Clearing students in Winter!

More About the Winter Program…

Upcoming Events

We’re looking forward to the events below. We hope you can join us for one or more this year!

Winter Program


Winter Potlucks

Jan 10, 24 & feb 7, 21

Winter Student Exhibit

February 29 & March 1 | 10-4

Half Marathon & 5K

May 2 | 10



The Clearing is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that relies on the generosity of many different groups to support its mission of diverse educational experiences in the folk school tradition. Thanks to hundreds of friends, volunteers and donors, The Clearing is able to offer quality programs and services all year long. Interested in supporting The Clearing? Below are several ways to help us out. Take a look!

Door County Half Marathon & 5K

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Take a Look Around…

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then our picture page is a gold mine! The Clearing is special for so many reasons. Its interesting people, historic buildings, rich landscapes and creative spirit combine to make this place like no other. It’s a place you really have to experience to understand, but we hope our photo galleries will give you a little taste of what The Clearing experience is all about.

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Renovating The Clearing Kitchen

Each year the annual “Pass the Hat” campaign allows The Clearing to pursue new & historic facility-related projects.

The Clearing Folk School

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