A Little More About Where You’ll Be Staying

Ahh. Accommodations at The Clearing can best be described as inviting, cozy and simply furnished. The Clearing’s retreat-like environment is meant to help guests reconnect with the peace and calm of the natural world. Therefore, you won’t find tv’s, radios, clocks or telephones in any of the rooms. What you will find, however, are things like: colorful hand-made quilts on comfortable beds, solid maple writing desks, modern plumbing fixtures and tranquil views into cool forest foliage.

Below are some helpful tools for you to explore The Clearing’s charming accommodations. Take a look, and if you still have questions feel free to give us a call…

  • info dormLarge Dorm
  • info mertha2Mertha’s Cabin
  • info dorm3Room #12
  • info room9Room #9
  • info dorm2Large Dorm
  • info room 5Room #5
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  • info merthaMertha’s Cabin

General Notes:

There are three lodging options at The Clearing: dormitory rooms, two-person rooms and single-person rooms.

Dormitory rooms contain three or five twin beds and a shared bath. (There is one bathroom in the three-bed dorm and two bathrooms in the five-bed dorm.)

Two-person rooms contain two twin beds and a private bathroom.

Single-person rooms contain two twin beds and a private bathroom but are reserved for one person. The availability of single rooms is limited. They are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

All guest rooms at The Clearing contain linens (sheets, blankets, pillows, bath towels, face cloths and extra blankets), desks, wardrobes, a broom and dust pan, an ice bucket, a fan and a space heater.

One of The Clearing’s goals is to help people get away from the “noise” of the modern world for the duration of their stay. To this end, rooms do not include televisions, radios or telephones. Also, they do not include refrigerators or microwaves and are not air-conditioned, although fans are provided and most rooms have a cross breeze.

Cell phones should be turned off, or at least the ringer should be turned off, while at The Clearing. Laptop computers, radios and televisions are not allowed in the Lodge.

Smoking is not allowed in any of The Clearing’s buildings, including all guest cabins. Smoking is only allowed in the campus parking lot and the employee parking lot.