Winter Program


The Winter Program offers over 90 day-classes in January and February. In addition to offering an impressive selection of classes, the Winter Program represents something unique and wonderful about Door County, an amazing group of 85 volunteer instructors who generously share their time, along with their considerable talent, for the benefit of the community.

So bring on the snow and the cold. Now over 650 strong, you won’t meet a more friendly or hardier group of people than Clearing students in Winter!

2019 Winter Catalog

Thank You Winter Program Instructors!

This year, 85 individuals have generously donated their time in order to share their talents with you and the entire Door County community. Be sure to tell them how much you appreciate their efforts this winter! The Clearing Winter Program exists because of them!

Nancy Akerly

Dan Anderson

Dawn Anderson

Kari Anderson

Denise Arzberger

Vicki Ash

Francha Barnard

Beth Bartoli

Pat Bopray

Jeanine Brennan

Kelly Bresnahan

Patty Brooking

Brian Buchholz

Bob Bultman

Gary Chaudoir

Beth Coleman

Sage Conrad

Lou Covotsos

Rob Davis

Kathy Davis

Bert Day

Larry Desotell

Marianne Diekman

Gloria Dougherty

Marcia Eischen

Mike Eischen

Sarah Evenson

Gretchen Farwell

Diane Finger

Jack Finger

Annelies Gebert

Kim Gilson

Steve Gomoll

Terry Goode

Susan Gould

Holly Green

Ingrid Halvorsen

Marggie Hatala

Michelle Hefty

Carol Heil

Dick Heil

Connie Herbst

Rian Hill

Lucy Hodkiewicz

Leon Hoffmann

Jim Honig

Lynn Kaczmarek

Gene Kenny

Bob Kimbell

Carolyn Kimbell

Judy Klima

Kathy Kolacinski

Anne Krystyniak

Roger Kuhns

David LaLuzerne

Maren Larsen

Estella Lauter

Dave Lea

Rachel Lohman

Peggy Lott

Peg Lowry

Joanie Musiel

Mike McCutcheon

Windsor McCutcheon

Stefan Peters

Nancy Rafal

Paul Regnier

Ram Rojas

Madeleine Sargent

Blake Schar

Lauren Schar

Mike Schneider

Jillaine Seefeldt

Mike Stapleton

Sue Stone

Wendy Strauch-Nelson

Jenni Stultz

Kathy Swanson

Catherine Tryon

John Verbeten

Tom Weisensel

Steve Weitman

Curt Wessel

Betts Williams

Judie Yamamoto