Registration Information

How to Register:

Class sizes are limited. Early registration will help ensure that you get the class(es) you’d like. You may register for classes using the following methods:


Visit the Summer Program pages for a complete listing of our week-long summer & fall classes. Click on the class title or class image for full class descriptions and to register. (Online registration requires a Clearing User Account. If you received a catalog in the mail, have taken a class with us before or if you receive our monthly newlsetter emails, you already have a Clearing User Account. Please review the Your Clearing User Account section below and contact The Clearing if you have any questions.)

Online Registration Tips
Log into or create your Clearing User Account well before the Summer Program registration start dates to ensure a smooth registration.

Do not add classes to your cart before 8:00AM CST on the four Summer Program Registration Start Dates. You will not be able to complete your registration for any classes added prior to 8:00AM CST.

A code is required for online life member registration, and will be emailed to all life members prior to registration.


Call The Clearing at 920-854-4088. Have your Discover, MasterCard or Visa number, expiration date and billing address available.


Visit The Clearing office and sign up for Summer Program classes.

When to Register:

In an effort to reduce the volume of calls and minimize your time on the phone, class registration is divided into the four 'start dates' listed below.


Registration Start Date #1: March 5, 2024
Registration for classes held between April 28 and August 3 begins March 5, 2024 at 8:00 a.m. Central Time.

Registration Start Date #2: March 7, 2024
Registration for classes held between August 4 and November 1 begins March 7, 2024 at 8:00 a.m. Central Time.

On General Registration Start Dates #1 and #2 (see above), an individual may register for him/herself and one other person.


Life Member Registration Start Date #1: February 27, 2024
Friends of The Clearing Life Members may register for classes held between April 28 and August 3 beginning on February 27, 2024 at 8:00 a.m. Central Time.

Life Member Registration Start Date #2: February 29, 2024
Friends of The Clearing Life Members may register for classes held between August 4 and November 1 beginning on February 29, 2024 at 8:00 a.m. Central Time.

On Life Member Registration Start Dates #1 and #2 (see above), a life member may register for him/herself and one other person who is also a life member. A code is required for online life member registration, and will be emailed to all life members prior to registration.

Your Clearing User Account:

A Clearing User Account is required to register online. If you received this catalog in the mail, have taken a class with us before or if you receive our monthly newlsetter emails, you already have a Clearing User Account. In order to register online, simply log into your existing user account using your email address and your password. If you forgot your password or need to create a password, please follow the on screen steps for resetting your password.

How to Create A New User Account: If you are brand new to The Clearing, you will need to create a new user account. Creating your Clearing user account is easy. A step by step guide to setting up your account can be found ONLINE. And if after reviewing those instructions you still need help, just give us a call!

Hint: Log into or create your Clearing User Account well before the Summer Program registration start dates to ensure a smooth registration.


A minimum $300 deposit is required when registering. The balance is due no later than three weeks before the class begins.

Fees and Pricing: (per person:

Resident Packages: (includes tuition, lodging & 16 meals)
$1300 Dormitory Room
$1410 Two-Person Room
$2115 Single-Person Room

Commuter Package: (includes tuition & 7 meals)

Some classes require an additional materials fee and/or shop fee. These are noted at the end of the class descriptions. Gratuities for the kitchen staff and housekeeping staff are not included.

Guaranteed Single Rooms:

There are three guaranteed single rooms available each week. They are available on a first-come-first-reserved basis. However, as a given class week approaches, if there are rooms available, we may be able to accommodate more than three guaranteed singles. This will vary from week to week. Therefore, if you were not able to reserve one of the guaranteed single rooms when you first registered, we encourage you to have your name placed on the waiting list for a single room. We cannot guarantee that you will get a single, but we do use our waiting lists extensively.


Reservation priority is given to students who stay at The Clearing (resident students). Jens Jensen believed that, in order to gain the greatest benefit from the experience, students and instructors should "live" at The Clearing. The Clearing holds to this belief today. However, in order to accommodate Door County residents, and to meet the needs of a broader cross section of Clearing students, three commuter registrations are accepted for each week “up front,” beginning on the registration "start dates" (see “How to Register” section). As classes fill, those wishing to register as commuter students are strongly encouraged to have their names placed on the waiting list for their chosen class. Many times, as a given class approaches, space becomes available for more commuter students.

The commuter student registration fee includes class tuition, supper on Sunday, all noon meals and supper on Friday. Commuters are invited to all other meals. These are billed on a per-meal basis at the end of the week. Gratuities are not included.

Independent Study:

Those interested in “doing their own thing” for a week at The Clearing may register for a personal retreat or for independent study. This option is available every week for the full registration fee. Call The Clearing office for information.

If you need work space during your personal retreat or independent study for a project on which you plan to work, please let us know in advance. We’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation fees help defray the cost of the staff time that is required to take, process and manage registrations, along with the charge card transaction fees. For cancellations that occur a month or less before the class is scheduled to begin, and especially those that occur a week or less before, it’s difficult and time-consuming for The Clearing to find someone to take the place of the person who cancelled.

For cancellations received more than 30 days before the Thursday prior to the week they are scheduled to arrive, there will be a refund of the amount paid, minus an $100 cancellation fee. If more than one class or independent study registration is cancelled, the fee is $100 per registration per person.

For cancellations received 30 or fewer days before the Thursday prior to the week they are scheduled to arrive, there will be an $100 cancellation fee and a $200 refund certificate issued. Any amount over $300 that was paid will be refunded.

Refund certificates may be used for future classes, for purchases in The Clearing Bookstore and Gift Shop, for Friends of The Clearing membership payments and, in full or in part, as a tax-deductible donation.

No portion of the registration fee will be refunded for cancellations made after the Thursday prior to the week the class is scheduled to begin or for those who are already here attending a class, but decide, for whatever reason and at whatever time, not to attend the full class week.

Shop Fees:

Classes held in the Workshop and Forge buildings that use certain power tools, one or both glass fusing kilns and the shop supplies are assessed a shop fee. The fee ranges from $10 to $30, depending on the class. Shop fees help to defray the cost of maintaining tools and equipment, replacing worn or damaged equipment, coal use (for classes in the Forge) and maintaining and cleaning these classrooms.


Gratuities (tips) for the kitchen staff and dining room staff are not included in your registration fee. Many guests choose to leave a tip for one or both staffs, although it is of course optional. For those who do decide to leave a tip for the kitchen staff, it’s helpful to know the meal portion of the registration fee. That portion is $245 for those who lodge at The Clearing and $122 for those who commute.

Check-In & Check-Out

Check-in on Sunday from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. in The Clearing’s Lodge. A Clearing staff member will be in the Lodge during that time. Those checking in after 4:00 will find their information, room assignment and name tag on the check-in table in the Lodge. A member of The Clearing’s office staff will host supper, and should be in the Lodge by 5:15.

Check-out is by 9:00 a.m. the following Saturday.

Early Arrival: (Saturday Arrival)

Students have the option to check-in on Saturday rather than Sunday. The price for the extra night is $50 per person. Meals are not included. The first meal served each week is Sunday supper. Students, especially first-time students who check-in on Saturday, are strongly encouraged to arrive between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. A Clearing staff member will be in the Lodge during that time. (The Clearing cannot guarantee that all rooms will be ready before 2:00 p.m.) Those checking in after 4:00 p.m. will find written instructions on the front door of the Lodge directing them to their room.

Waiting Lists:

Even though a class is full, there is still a chance that you can take the class. The Clearing maintains waiting lists for all of our classes. These lists are used in the event that registered students in a class need to cancel. While we can't predict when a cancellation will happen, our experience shows us they can happen anytime, even the day before class begins. When someone cancels, we want to fill that vacancy with a new student right away. We do that by using our waiting lists.

You can be added to a waiting list at anytime. All we need is your name and a phone number. If we receive a cancellation, we will start calling names on our waiting list beginning with the first and continuing down our list until we fill the vacancy. If we call and you are unable to come, you can simply tell us 'no' and we will continue down our list.

Health & Medical Information:

All guests receive a general health form prior to their arrival at The Clearing. It requests basic health-related information, including blood type, allergies, diet restrictions that are based on a medical condition, prescription medications taken and emergency contact information. Although filling out and returning the form is optional, we ask that all guests comply with our request. The information on the form may/can be used by attending professional medical personnel in the event of an emergency. All of the information provided is kept in strict confidence by The Clearing staff.

Food Policy Update 2024:

The Clearing’s kitchen staff strives to offer a delicious and balanced variety of food for its regular menu that address non-allergy food-related issues. This includes a variety of proteins, fruits, vegetables and baked goods. Guests are encouraged to check the menu board in the Lodge prior to each meal and to direct questions about ingredients to one of the dining room servers.

Please be aware that our food may contain or come into contact with common allergens, such as dairy, eggs, wheat, soybeans, tree nuts, peanuts, fish or shellfish. If you have a severe food allergy, you must include it on your General Health Form.

If you have a desire or need for a specific food, we encourage you to consider bringing a supply of your own. There is a refrigerator available for guests to use in the Root Cellar. Guests may not store or prepare food in the kitchen.


For those lodging at The Clearing, registration includes 16 meals served in the Lodge. For commuter students, registration includes seven meals—all five noon meals, Sunday supper and Friday supper. During the class week, commuters are welcome to sign up and pay for additional suppers and breakfasts.

The Clearing serves some meals family-style. The week’s meals begin with Sunday supper and end with Saturday breakfast. However, there is no supper served on Thursday. Guests go out to one of the many local restaurants for that meal. The Thursday noon meal is a picnic, served outside, weather permitting.

Guests at Meals:

It is The Clearing’s policy to not allow students to invite guests to meals. This helps preserve the retreat atmosphere, which is an important part of The Clearing experience. Also, some weeks, the dining room is at capacity, and there is no room for an extra person.

What to Bring:

In addition to those items you are bringing for your class, you might also find it helpful to bring an alarm clock, a flashlight, an extra pillow, if you need one, a book light and a hair dryer. During warm months, mosquito repellent is helpful. If you plan to explore The Clearing’s property, make sure to bring good, sturdy walking shoes. A walking stick is also useful, although The Clearing has some walking sticks for guests to use. Four weeks prior to your scheduled arrival you will receive an email with a link to a more detailed “Things to Know while at The Clearing”, document which may also assist you in planning your stay with us. This document is also available online.


Camping is not allowed at The Clearing. This includes tents, pop-up campers and RVs.


The Clearing does not allow pets. This includes pets kept in cars.


Smoking is not allowed in or near any Clearing building. Smoking is only allowed in the campus parking lot and the employee parking lot.

Perfumes & Other Fragrances:

Chemicals in scented products can trigger health reactions, including asthma, in some people. Please be aware of this while at The Clearing, and please be sensitive to the fact that fragrances, especially heavy fragrances, can cause illness in others. The Clearing has fragrance-free shampoo, body wash and hand soap on hand for those who request it.


Clearing guests often gather before supper in the central campus courtyard or in one of the guest rooms to share snacks and have a glass of wine or beer. Drinking alcohol is allowed at The Clearing, but only in moderation and not in classrooms.

Cell Phone Use at The Clearing:

Cell phones and other digital devices can be an intrusion in certain places. The Clearing is one of those places. When used excessively, indiscreetly or without regard for others, they seriously diminish The Clearing’s retreat atmosphere. Those who frequently make or receive cell phone calls during their stay at The Clearing not only “remove” themselves from their retreat—the reason they are here—but also have a negative impact on others. Therefore, it is The Clearing’s policy that all guests and staff limit their cell phone calls to those that are truly necessary. In addition, when a cell phone call has to be made, it is The Clearing’s policy that all guests and staff make those calls from one of two places—the campus parking lot or the employee parking lot. Except for an emergency, cell phone calls are not to be made from inside any building, including lodging rooms, on hiking trails or from any of the outdoor sitting areas on campus. Except for emergency situations, cell phone ringers and text tones should be turned off at all times.

Internet Service:

There is internet service in three of The Clearing’s buildings—the Schoolhouse, the Workshop (also accessible in the Forge) and the Jens Jensen Center. At the Schoolhouse and Workshop, internet service was installed for class use. Guests are asked to limit personal internet use to the extent possible in order to maintain and protect The Clearing’s retreat atmosphere.

Campus Visiting Hours:

For many years, The Clearing has had a "closed campus" policy while resident classes are in session. This means that the area west of the Jens Jensen Center—especially the area where the campus buildings are located (the Lodge, Schoolhouse, Workshop and guest lodging)—is closed to visitors, including those participating in one and two-day workshops at The Clearing, from Monday through Friday. This closed campus policy is enforced in order to ensure the privacy of resident students and instructors and to enhance the retreat aspect of The Clearing experience.

From May to October, The Clearing campus is only open to visitors on Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 4:00 p.m. A member of The Clearing staff will be in the Lodge during this time to answer questions.

Buildings & Grounds:

The Clearing is a rustic, “natural” place. The buildings in which the sleeping rooms are located are made of log and stone. Several rooms, although modernized over the years, are in buildings that date to the late 1800s. The paths around buildings are flagstone. The paths away from buildings—in the woods, meadows and along the edge of the escarpment cliff—have either a sawdust or wood chip surface, or are bare soil. Rocks and tree roots are at the surface in some areas on these paths, so care should be taken when walking. Good walking shoes and a walking stick are helpful.


The Clearing has made many improvements with regard to making the buildings and grounds more accessible for those with physical disabilities. Nevertheless, some may have issues related to accessibility. For instance, the dining room is on the second floor of the Lodge.

The distance between buildings, especially between classroom buildings and the central campus area where the sleeping rooms and dining room are located, means that a fair bit of walking is required while at The Clearing, some of it on uneven terrain. Guests must be physically able to manage the distance, the terrain and the stairs up to the dining room and their sleeping room (some sleeping rooms have stairs and some don’t) unassisted in order to attend a class.

Please call The Clearing to discuss any concerns you have regarding accessibility.

Jens Jensen Center Hours:

Weekdays: 8 - 4

Visitor Center:
Weekdays: 8 - 4
Weekends: 12 - 4 (May - October)

Weekdays: 8 - 4
Weekends: 12 - 4 (May - October)
Online: Anytime!

Admission Policy:

Clearing classes are open to everyone 18 and older.


We respect your privacy and will never sell, rent, lease or give away your information (name, address, email, etc.) to any third party. Nor will we send you unsolicited email.

You may opt out of receiving future mailings by clicking "Unsubscribe" in any Clearing eblast or by contacting The Clearing.