Fuse a Photo into a Glass Project
Gary Chaudoir

Wednesday, January 26 from 1-4

Transfer your favorite black and white or color photo or graphic art onto a glass bowl, plate, or window hanging. Using your image, a dedicated printer and special decal paper, Gary will prepare a decal which will be incorporated into your glass project during class. After firing to 1495 degrees, the image will take on a warm sepia tone and will be permanently embedded into the glass. Gary will contact students 2 weeks before class and ask for 2 - 3 images to be emailed to

Tuition: $20

Location: Workshop Shop (large) Room at The Clearing

Materials Fee: $40.00 for glass supplies, decal materials and 2 kiln firings payable to The Clearing at registration

Shop Fee: $5 payable to The Clearing at registration