2022 Workshop Program


Class #5

Floral Garden Abstract Expression

Carmen Duran

July 11 | 9 - 4

You will create your own original artwork of two floral garden abstract paintings, guided by multimedia artist Carmen Duran. One will be on canvas based on a photo reference you bring of your favorite garden, and one created intuitively on paper. We will be working on both paintings at the same time. You should bring a photo of your favorite flower garden for reference, even those saved to your phone. We will cover color, composition, value, and a bit of art history. We may venture outside to explore the grounds, discussing nature’s color shades, if time and weather allow.

Carmen Duran is an Acrylic Mixed Media Artist. She took all the advanced art classes she could through college at the UW Green Bay. She later found photography and enjoyed that for quite a long time. She kept seeing her photographs of Midwest landscapes and flower gardens as paintings. She then replaced her photography gear with painting supplies. Her art is personal, emotional and a reflection of her experiences. Each painting speaks to a different story and incorporates a variety of mediums both traditional and non-traditional. Carmen is exhibiting in four galleries across Wisconsin steadily and many of original works can be seen in clinics and hospitals in Wisconsin. Part of the proceeds of Carmen’s art sales are donated to a carefully selected program benefiting children’s cancer awareness and education.

Tuition: $110 (lunch included)
Materials Fee: $20 payable to The Clearing at registration for a complete kit of paint, canvas, brushes, paper and other supplies
Location: Jens Jensen Visitor Center
Web: www.carmenduranart.com


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