Winter Program


The Niagara Escarpment and Tree Ring Dating - Ages and Curiosities
Roger Kuhns

Monday, February 21 from 9-4

Have you ever wondered how old those trees are on the Niagara Escarpment? Join us for a one day meander along the cliff as we look back into time through the tree-rings of the cedars. We'll talk about geologic ages and botanical ages, and how we can tell how much time has passed to better understand ancient and recent history. The day will involve using a tree-core sampler on select cedars and other trees, learning sampling and preservation techniques, and then returning indoors for lab time. In our makeshift lab we'll count tree rings, look for evidence of fires, climate change, blights, rainy seasons and droughts as witnessed by these marvelous trees. This will be fun, involve some walks and outside field work and some time inside. Participants should be prepared to walk for part of the day in February weather conditions on the trails at The Clearing.

Tuition: $30

Location: Schoolhouse Main Studio at The Clearing